• Mere words, whether written or spoken, sometimes cannot fully capture the beautiful improvements you envision for your new home renovation. Often, the most precise way to explain to a contractor exactly what you’re looking for is through pictorial representation. For those of us who are artistically challenged, the best and most expedient solution is to take a photo.

    Photos Can Help You:kitchen renovation

    • Define your space
    • Pinpoint colors
    • Give examples of patterns and textures
    • Provide instant understanding of your preferred design style
    • Illustrate the existing furniture to be included
    • Convey your precise ideas to your Vancouver home renovation company

    One of the first tasks you should undertake when first considering a home remodeling project in is to gather pictures. Initially, along with the necessary measurements, you will want to take various snapshots of the space selected for your Vancouver home renovation. Be sure to take pictures from all relevant angles to give proper scope to the job at hand.

    The next crucial step in the renovation process is the gathering of inspirational and example photos. The pictures of the homes of your friends and neighbors in Vancouver, brochures from remodeling centers, and clippings from magazines can all provide inspirational examples of what you are looking for in your project. However, even these can fall short of illustrating what you would like to achieve within your particular home. Using picture based websites such as Pinterest or even searching key words using Google Images, you’ll find there are virtually endless examples of not only remodeling materials and textures, but also examples of various completed projects and renovated rooms.

    The internet can provide a plethora of inspiration and detailed examples of practically anything you need. Simply right click a photo and save it to your hard drive to preserve it for future reference. From paint treatments and brick work to tiling and unique bathroom configurations, you will be able to find pictures that convey effectively your wants and needs.

    Now that you have gathered all relevant photos, what do you do with them? Keeping them jumbled up in a file is not your best option for optimum communication of your ideas to your Vancouver home renovation company. Hence, it is useful to organize and paste all of your collected photos together in scrapbook-fashion. This can include pictures of your space, patterns, colors, textures, and other inspirational completed examples. You can do this physically on heavy stock paper, or you can electronically paste it into a word document to be printed out or emailed.

    pictures of home renovations

    Ultimately, the key to a successful home renovation is communication. There are an infinite combinations and home improvement possibilities. Therefore, to get the results you want, you have to be able to express your ideas clearly. When words seem inadequate, pictures can step in and quickly and precisely help you communicate your ideas, and subsequently, secure a successful home remodel.

  • Scrapbooking is not only a great way to make sure that you remember those stand out moments with vividness and detail but it is also a fun way to spend that extra time that you might be having on your hands. However, you may be asking yourself how to make a scrapbook. A great article that helps you step by step through making a scrapbook can be found here: scrapbookingwithus.com/how-to-make.

    Along with the article linked above, the following tips will not only help you ensure that your efforts pay off as you would have loved but also ensures that you have the best possible experience and that you avert any possible disappointments that you may have encountered.

    1) Decide on the purpose of your scrapbook.Remember your purpose

    There are a variety of reasons as to why one would love to make a scrapbook. Among these could be one’s love for art or other deeper reasons like documenting family events. Regardless of your reasons, you might want to decide on this first so that you are able to take an approach that will sustain your needs. Some of the purposes that you can start a scrap book include documenting milestones and events, biographies or for the purpose of a gift. Once you have gotten over this, you will be better placed to pick a theme or your scrap book as well as a line of thought.

    2) Collect your tools

    You have a theme now what you want are photos and any memorabilia that will fit into your line of thought. This might be hard to come across but good places to start looking would be in boxes with old stuff, the garage and even the attic. Anywhere you know your parents keep things that they don’t use can be a gold mine for you. Depending on what you want, you can get photos of your first day in school and all that. The resources are endless depending on what you want the end product to be like.

    template3) Choose your template

    So far, you have a great theme working, you have the photos and memorabilia that you would like to incorporate. Now what you need is a template. Don’t let the word fool you this is just a simple piece of paper where you will organize the stuff that you have selected. You need to measure it out to make sure that it is the ideal size and that it will match the use and lay out that you want to adopt.

    Once you have completed each of these steps, your foundation to scrap booking is complete and now you can start the fun part which is creating stories with pictures and mementos which is simply nothing but fun and satisfying.

    Here is a great video on how to make a scrapbook. It’s 20 minutes long, but gets into lot’s of detail, with tips and tricks just for you. You can also find a bunch of other videos on how to make a scrapbook with My Memories software at scrapbookingwithus.com/tutorials. Enjoy!

  • Our daily life is full of utility of electronic devices. One of the most used devices is obviously the cell phone. Cell phones, once considered a luxury, are now a necessity. For the majority of phone owners, a phone is a large financial investment. Having said that, their protection is paramount. It is important that the cell phone is protected with a cover either when it is carried or when it is on rest. Many mobile phone users who have taken an insurance policy are informed that the protective cover should be present before making an insurance claim.

    There are numerous types of phone cases. These include leather cases, silicone cases, and neoprene cases. Other types of designs and models include belt type pouches, vertical pouches, magnetic flippers. There are water proof phone cases too. Your choice should be based on a color that compliments your personality and does not clash on your overall appearance.

    The Importance of a Phone Cover

    There are various benefits of having a cover for your phone. To start with, phone cover offers drop protection. Despite much care, there are various instances when the phone drops to the ground. This could damage your phone. A cover will protect the phone totally or at the very least minimize damage. A phone without a cover can be damaged when you lose your grip. Second, a phone cover protects the phone from scratches. Sources of phone scratches include fingers, keys, or coins. A phone without a cover means exposure to scratches which can be lead to the damage of the touchscreen. Third, phone covers are good for aesthetics. This is because phone covers are pretty and add beauty to your phone. There are different options of cover styles available in the market. If you want to stand out among the rest, you can order for custom made phone covers which allows you to specify your design and style. Lastly, phone cover protects a mobile phone against liquid ingress or immersion in liquids.

    Trending Phone Cover Accessories

    There are various phone cover accessories available in the market. One of such phone covers is the tempered glass screen protector. It is designed to protect the phone from damage as well as scratches. In addition, the processed glass is made to increase shock absorbency. Its strong silicon adhesive makes installation easy. Overall, screen protectors offer anti-glare capabilities, increased privacy, and prevention from abrasions. And watching them get applied to a phone is pretty amazing. You can check it out at this link here: http://temperedglassscreenprotector.org/how-to-install-and-apply/
    Other trending phone covers include insignia-case for apple, Harley-Davidson case, and Colorful Trending Owls case.

    Protective covers are an integral part of any handset. When purchasing a phone cover, a good starting point is the internet. Even if one desires to purchase it in a local store, perusing through reviews that are available on online platforms is advisable. A phone cover does not necessarily have to be expensive or fancy. Rather, it must be high-quality. In addition, the cover should be specifically manufacture for your phone. As far as possible, the phone cover should be manufactured by the same company as your phone. Overall, a phone cover is indispensable in drop protection, prevention of scratches, prevention from liquids, and for aesthetics purposes.

    They even have cool old school covers like this one.

    Old School Phone